Sunday, 13 November 2011

How slow is sloe gin?

Sloe Gin wk5On 2nd October I began making sloe gin using sloes I'd picked on holiday, and I also wrote a very nice blogpost about it. Including a recipe and some nice photos.

I've been shaking it weekly, tipping it upside-down and back again (as recommended by the recipe).
It's been on the go (boil/brew/distillation) for 5 weeks, half the time it needs.

I might open one at 10wks and give the other 6months or longer, I don't drink that much sloe gin.

I thought I'd do an update, with photos so you can see how it's developing. And if mine looks completely wrong you can tell me so.

Sloe Gin wk5 

How's it looking?
Pinky-purple in colour and quite see-through.
The berries are still berry-shaped but slightly wrinkled, like you get when you've been in the bath too long.

It doesn't look syrupy like ribena (which is what I was expecting).

And there are a small number of berries that insist on floating whereas the majority sink to the bottom.

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  1. My father makes this every year and spends the year drinking what he made the year before. He is convinced that it is best not to put much sugar in but taste it once it has finished brewing(is that the right word) and add a sugar syrup if it is not. That way you don't end up with a super sweet gin like the shop bought ones. lals