Friday, 21 June 2013

I suppose I should tell you I'm pregnant

Well yes it's true. I'm 24 weeks pregnant and don't have much of a bump, if you're still doing the maths that means I'm due on 7th October and I fell pregnant in January. It was planned and we, me Mr Lisa (and our respective families) are all very happy and excited.

A Walls Vienetta
My sister started referring to my bump as Vinney until we found out I was having a girl so we change it to Vienetta.

I am keeping a separate (as yet, unpublished) blog about my pregnancy journey so don't worry I won't clog this blog up of gooey cutesy baby pics, talk or whinges (my other blog is for that).

I know I've blogged about having babies before (or rather, reasons why I didn't want them at the time, back in 2008)  But priorities change.

One post I will share with you (from the baby growing blog is this), its my promises to self/baby and of I break them you have my permission to give me a dead leg.

Pre-baby promises (to me, to the baby and to Carl)

I've apologised to Carl (in advance):

  1. For the moods, the moaning, crying, hormonal behaviour, forgetfulness etc.
  2. For any bad language I use before, during or after the labour (directed at him or not)
  3. For telling his dad (or others) not to be touchy-feely, like patting my belly
  4. For not doing it (being a mother) right

I'm also making the following pledges:

  1. It's my Facebook and it won't be hijacked by baby photos
  2. It will have a sensible name (based on my definition of sensible)
  3. I will never dress it in an outfit that makes it look like an animal
  4. I will not dress it head-toe in pink or blue
  5. I will not be forced into breastfeeding; if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.
  6. I would like to know if it's going to be a boy/girl

I won't dress my kid like this. Ever.

Vienetta Image:

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