Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fashion trends I don't understand: Onesies
When I see 'onesies' I think of giant babygrows and George Dawes and wonder, Why would a grown adult want to dress like a giant baby?

I don't find them attractive and don't think they're that practical - especially going to the looThe only thing they're useful for is dressing babies -that is to say, real babies (anyone under the age of 3).

I got the Christmas catalogue for Next the other day, and they're advertising onesies for women, but describing them as 'all-in-ones' essentially it's the same, it's just a giant babygrow
There is also something a bit old fashioned about them, like the longjohn (or Union Suit) that men used to wear...But even so, they were worn as underwear and not outerwear, which is what people do these days.

I have seen students (I work in a University) on campus wearing a onesie, some Uggs (don't get me started on these) and a hoodie.  I'm thinking that the logic is, stick a hoodie on and you can go outside in it.  To me - that's like going to the supermarket in your nightie/pyjamas and slippers (wrong on all levels).
Fancy dress costumes - fine.  But that's all it is, fancy dress, a one-off event or party, not every night.

What people do behind closed doors is fine, lounge all you like in your onesie, but get dressed when people come round to visit - make an effort, don't just sit there in your onsie - it'll look like you're about to go to bed.
Don't ever buy me one, I won't thank you, I won't even wear it.  I might cut it up and reuse the fabric or just burn it in the back garden in one of these.

Burning onesies on my allotment

That is all.

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