Monday, 30 December 2013

"I'm not sending Christmas cards this year..."

I like sending Christmas cards.

No, start again. I like making Christmas cards and sending them to friends and family, a little note p say thanks for being there for us over the year - a subtle but clear indication that you value your friendship with them.

I make the same design card for everyone and vary the greeting on the front.

When people announce that they aren't sending Christmas cards but "giving money to charity" I find myself thinking - yeah right, followed by a series of wonderings - how much are they donating - why does no one say exactly HOW MUCH? I mean, if they're donating the price of a box of 20 Christmas cards from superdrug, that'll be £2.99 then (tight arses). Or would that include the price of 20 first class stamps, so £14.99 now) ? And which charity are they supporting? Why don't they tell us? Why the big announcement without any more detail? You see - I might have been thinking the same and I might want to support the same charity as you...

The other thing they could do is buy charity Christmas cards and hand deliver them (If they didn't want to pay for stamps) - that way you *can* still support your chosen charity and spread a bit of Christmas cheer to people you're not always in touch with or wouldn't normally buy a gift for.

But if you do decide that you're definitely *not* doing Christmas cards then, I'd like to see someone saying this:

I'm not sending Christmas cards this year, but instead I'm donating £25 to a friend's JustGiving page (raising money for Cancer Research) - and if you think this is a worthy thing to do, don't just LIKE this post, visit their page and make a donation too [enter URL of JustGiving page here].
PS, I lied about not sending Christmas cards, I'm doing that as well.

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