Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Find a blue bag in a packet of walkers crisps (the days before Gary Lineker)

Find a blue bag in a packet of walkers crisps, crinkle crunch or double crunch crisps and you could win one of £5, £20 or even the hundred thousand pound jackpot. There are 8 million instant win prizes to be won, so, let's have a look me duck...Thank you Doreen (lovely girl)...wh-oo-p....BINGO!

There are 8 million instand win prizes to be won

Spoken in my bestest burmmy accent
I often get adverts from TV 'stuck' inside my head.  The one above was from my 6th Form days when Walkers crisps were using a 'blue-bag' to give away prizes.  The main character of the advert was a white duck with a Brummy accent. 
I used to reel this shite off frequently.  Oh how we laughed.

I've now been banned from watching television channels with commercial breaks.

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