Friday, 27 March 2009

Dream Report: last night ate duck, noodles, stir fried veg & sauce

Had 2 dreams.

In the first one I was going on a submarine which was operating a ferry service, so it was full of cars, lorries & people.

In the next dream I was putting the milk attachments onto a herd of cows udders. The attachment things weren't sucking the milk out, they were just attached & someone else would switch them on later.

The end.
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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Add a little 'something else' to your mashed potato...

Thought I'd do myself a little recipe post here, following this week's St Patrick's Day Colcannon, and I've thought of at least 3 other ways to do something else with your mash without ruining the taste.


  • Okay, you cook your potatoes
  • Then when they're done tip away the water, leave in the pan to dry a bit, add some milk, warm gently and mash. 
  • With your other hand, shred your cabbage, and cook it for 3-4 minutes. 
  • When it's cooked, tip the water away slap a knob of butter in and stir fry for a couple of minutes.
  • Then, pop your cabbage in with your potato, stir well and season with salt & pepper. 


  • Okay, do your mash with one hand, do everything apart from add milk....
  • Now with your other hand chop some scallions (spring onions) and gently simmer in a pan of milk, slap the milk & onions in your potatoes, mix, add a knob of butter and serve. 

Bubble & Squeak 

This is basically leftover vegetables (the cooked carrots, sprouts, peas, parsnips broccoli etc etc from yesterdays roast dinner) mashed up and mixed with the leftover mashed potato.

If you didn't have any mashed potato left, then you'd better cook yourself some, cos you're going to need it...
Bubble & Squeak
Here's some I made earlier, with a tomato sauce accompaniment

Once you've got your mix of mash & veg, put it in a buttery frying pan, squash it down into the pan (so it covers the bottom) leave it a good 5-10 minutes, and then turn it over, don't flip it like a pancake - that won't work, just use your utensil to turn it over, leave to brown and turn again. You'll know when it's done, because your mouth will be watering so much you'll have to stop.

A nice poached egg works well with this.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

My history with bubble gum

I was always, always told that if you swallowed bubble gum or chewing gum it would stick around in your body for seven years.

When I was young, I loved Hubba Bubba bubble gum - great for chewing & bubble blowing. And made with a special formula that would make it easily to peel off your face when you blew a big bubble. The flavour didn't last very long, and sometimes you could get jaw-ache from chewing (I know I did).

Flavours included:
  • strawberry (in a pink packet)
  • original (in a red packet)
  • cola (in a brown packet)
  • pineapple (in a yellow-ish packet)
Did they do lime? I can't describe the flavour of the original one, but it's the one I swallowed most often because it tasted really nice.

I used to like Jaw breakers too - you'd get 3 in a packet, half the fun was taking them out of your mouth to see what colour they'd gone, and then you got down to the end and it was soft enough to crack in your teeth - it had bubble gum in the end.

Which leads me to think about Screwball ice creams - i wasn't a huge fan, my sister was, the screwball was the ice cream in a plastic cone and a bubble gum ball in the bottom.

Just thinking aloud now of bubble gum/chewing gum I remember: Wrigleys Spearmint, Double Mint & Juicy Fruit, PK Chewing gum - the blue packet was kind of liquoricey flavour, and then there was the little green paket with yellow label - the chewing gum itself looked like the PK stuff, but it had a different name, like 'pelican' or 'zebra' or 'safari' or something...

Nowadays I call chewing gum 'chewy',
'giz a bit of chewy'
'want some chewy'

I tend only to eat 'chewy' when I've got a mouth like a badgers arse and I was drinking the night before.

The end.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Dream report: last night ate supermarket bought indian takeaway

Dreamt that Barry 'Copacabana' Manilow was married to Chakka 'I'm every woman' Khan.

This was probably the most notable thing that happened in my dream.
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