Sunday, 28 March 2010

33mile bike ride training week3 (11 weeks to go)

I've done 3 weeks of training and have hit my training target (15miles by the end of March). I'm feeling proud of myself for getting here. Not just because it feels like a long way, but also because I went out and did it on my own (Mr Lisa was away in Edinburgh), so I got myself out of bed and went for it.

Weather: Sunny and breezy.

I did 2 laps of the 7mile run I did the other week, and it seemed to take me about 90mins or so, I didn't take a note of the actual time.

The ride:
- From my house up to Earsdon village, through the village and along to Church Farm
- From the road to off-road, on the Waggonways
This bit was a bit up hill and exposed (blowy) so it was a bit of a slog to start with
- Then there's a bit of junction, I took the 2nd right, heading along the track
- Out by the old pit slag-heap, cross the road and back off road again along a track
- Follow the track, pass a house (on the right) and continue until the track veers right
This is more sheltered and I kept doing bursts of fast-sprints along here, lots of puddles too :)
- Then the track slopes downhill (this is the fun bit)
- You reach a bridge going over a stream, the road bridge is higher up & parallel (this is Holywell)
I stop for a rest on the bridge, have a drink etc
- Then up hill, along the footpath, and into Holywell, cross the road by the pub taking a right turn
- Pass the houses on this estate, at the end there's a big kerb & gateway to get though (this is where Mr Lisa fell off the other week)
- Once through the gate it's a nice fast off road track
- As you near the trees there's a turn to the right, which takes you downhill and onto the Waggonways track again
- Once on the Waggonways, there's a good sprint opportunity heading back, slightly uphill
- The track goes on for some distance, it's a nice sheltered ride and takes you back to Monkseaton Drive
I turn off before the main road, heading along the housing estate, and out by the Red House Farm pub (it's a bit less exposed)
- Then once you're on Monkseaton Drive, it's a slow grinding ride to the top where the roundabout is (near Sainsburys)
This is the last bit and it also kills me.
- The next lap would take me right, back up to Earsdon.
- I'd go left here to head home (about 500 yards or so)

When I finished I was pretty wobbly, jelly-legs and what-have-you, but after a shower and something to eat I felt fine.

Today, my legs don't hurt, but my undercarriage is feeling a bit saddlesore, and I know it can only get worse.

We've got 11 weeks to go, the clocks have changed, so I'm hoping I can add another mid-week ride to my training programme.

Northern Rock Cyclone 2010
Saturday 12th June 2010, 33miles
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I had a dream last night (Sat 28th March)

I dreamt I was driving in France with Mr Lisa, we'd gone through a tunnel (similar to the Tyne Tunnel) and were heading across the border to Italy. In my dream, the place was called San Milo, but I don't know if this place really exists.

Friday, 26 March 2010

I had a dream last night (Thur 25th March)

I had 3 dreams last night. All of them quite bizarre.

1: I was convinced that it was Saturday morning.

2: I went out with my brother to play darts, but ended up playing tennis with Pete Blythe & lost (the sun was in my eyes).

3: I was on a metro, it derailed in Northallerton, skidded across the roundabout nr Kwikfit & nearly crashed into the Tanner Hop. When I rang mum to tell her, she told her about a tasty spag bol dinner that she'd just cooked!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

33mile bike ride training week2 (1 month later)

I'd decided before the weekend that I really should get back out on the bike for a bit more practice (last week I'd been in Paris for my birthday, week before it was rainy, week before that I was in Edinburgh).

Made a cracking 3-egg bacon & mushroom omelette for breakfast, so I'd be able to cycle for miles.

Shaved my hairy legs and changed my socks (was wearing my bagpuss pink/white stripeys but changed them to my Lisa socks). Left the house about 11.15am.

It was a bit of a blowy start (into the wind) up to Earsdon along the road, then off road towards Holywell. We kept a steady pace and I did a few short sprints. Mr Lisa decided to fall as we were leaving Holywell village, but he was fine (he'll probably tell you it was my fault), and we had a good cycle back towards Monkseaton Drive.

It was a lot warmer than last time, and I wore too many layers.
But was pleased with the distance and time, and the fact that I wasn't feeling too nackered afterwards.

If I can aim for double the distance by the end of March I'll be happy!

Northern Rock Cyclone 2010
Saturday 12th June 2010, 33miles
Raising money for the RNLI, please sponsor me!

I had a dream last night (Sat 13th March)

Saturday 13th March:
I dreamt I was naked in a shopping centre & had to walk through the crowds to get to the car park (& hide in my car)

Friday, 12 March 2010

I had a dream last night (Thur 11th March)

Thursday 11th March:

I dreamt my hair was knotted up, when I finally managed to brush it I brushed out some pink Barbie/Sindy doll plastic shoes.

I dreamt I went to a prison (to visit no one in particular) & handed out #cadburys #fudges to the inmates.