Friday, 28 May 2010

33mile bike ride training 2 weeks to go

Couldn't get out on the bike last weekend as we had our stepson over the weekend, and bike rides were off the menu.

Decided to go out after work on Friday night, wasn't intending on doing a long one.....22miles later.

I was impressed with myself for going out after work, but my legs weren't so impressed.

See the ride at endomondo

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Bridge Hotel: Planning, ideas, inspiration & books

I'm signed up to NewcastleGateshead EAT! Festival 2010, one of the events is a grand-design....Iconic Newcastle-Gateshead buildings made from cake.

I've bagged The Bridge Hotel, a nice pub located next to the High Level Bridge in Newcastle, overlooking the Tyne.

I'm signed upto the 'ning network' for cake bakers involved in this project (amateurs & professionals alike) and blogging on my progress: research, prototypes, ingredients, etc...

Planning: Did a quick search of google-images of The Bridge Hotel, then used google-street view to get some good pics, which I've printed off and scribbed on. I do plan to get off my lazy backside & walk down there, but for the time being Google maps & street view are helping me with my initial plans and ideas for what ingredients to use where.

Inspiration (& Books):
I've also been inspired by Heston Blumenthal & his feast-series, particularly the Hansel & Gretel House. My mum bought me a copy of Life is Sweet by Hope & Greenwood which has some ideas for creating my tiles and windows.

The left side of the pub is all red-brick, I'm guessing the right is the same and then there's the beer garden bit out the back, which I'm not going to worry about just yet...

Monday, 24 May 2010

Am I a victim?

Bought this gorgeous little fella from ebay, I've wanted one for a while and had hoped to get a genuine 1970s one, complete with someones scribbly name & address on the inside.

Apparently they're IN this season.

I also liked the look of this at a jumble sale, and later found out that tapestry bags are also in fashion this season.

I should also state that I have never (& will never) buy/wear the following: UGG-boots, Smocks or Jeggings - if I break this rule, please feel free to shoot me.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

33 mile bike ride training: 4 weeks to go

I finally did it, faced my demons and rode to Newcastle City Centre, spent about 30minutes taking pictures of the Bridge Hotel (for cake-building in preparation for Eat NewcastleGateshead 2010, Cakebook)

I'd been avoiding cycling into town for ages, I associate cycling to town with going to work, I'm familiar with the road-journey and imagined the bike-ride would be equally monotonous.  I know cycle-paths exist, and was basing my fears on the road-route.

The ride into town was quite pleasant, good weather, along the river, and upto the quayside.  After a short stop taking pics of the Bridge Hotel we headed up town and to work - to take some pictures to prove to myself that I'd actually cycled to my place of work

View the ride here

The ride back was pretty hellish, a long hard slog, once I'd reached Benton I'd lost the will to live and wanted to crawl the rest of the way.

When I eventually got home I crawled upstairs, had a nice hot bath and did very little for the rest of the evening.

Does this mean I'll be cycling to work/from work?
Does it heckers like


Northern Rock Cyclone 2010

Saturday 12th June 2010, 33miles

Raising money for the RNLI, please sponsor me!