Sunday, 6 June 2010

33mile bike ride training 1 week to go

Last weekend before the big ride, Sat 5th June was a scorcher and I decided not to go out, why? because I didn't want to melt.  If it's a scorcher next week then I'll melt into nothingness and it'll be okay.  If i melt too soon then I'll be put off for life.

USB loaded with 'motivational music', anything with an upbeat tempo (most Chemical Brothers tracks fit).  Also it's worth noting that when I cycle alone I listen to music to motivate me, a good beat keeps my cycling to a constant rhythm, and I sing along during th easy bits.
Note: I only wear the left headphone, the right one is for traffic.

I was sporting a new pair of cycling gloves too (Mr Lisa bought them for me) :)

And, I was trying out Mr Lisa's cycle-shoes (lucky we take the same size shoe), nice black shoes with velcro fastener at the top (I've always wanted a pair of velcro trainers).  he has told me I can wear them for the ride next week...I might :)

Weather at the coast was a bit overcast & misty, quite a contrast from yesterday.  Had a good ride, only 12 miles, but a nice ride nonetheless.
See the ride at Endomondo

Worst bit: St Mary's Lighthouse to Seaton Sluice (Delaval Arms)
Best bit: Waggonways (The Avenue near Seaton Delaval Hall, to Monkseaton Drive)

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