Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Bridge Hotel - Cake Build - Cake baking

Excuses first:

I've been slacking recently weekends in training for Northern Rock Cyclone, plus keeping my allotment relatively weed-free whilst sowing & planting, and then also creating a carnival float for Whit Bank Holiday weekend for family in North Yorkshire.

Back on track
In my shame I spent 4-evenings last week baking and freezing the sponge cakes needed for the build and I've been jotting down ways to make the windows, drainpipes, flagpole and the doors.  I've had my engineer/draughtsman (aka Mr Lisa) drawing up the plans, based on the recommended sizes, and then working out from photos what scale we need to do the windows/doors etc (he's good with a calculator and ruler), however he's noticed a slight problem with the sizes...

The recommended sizes for our build is 100mm x 250mm and the height suggestion is 500mm, 5 times the width which doesn't seem right.  After a few scratchy head moments and a panicky, lets check the mesaurements/plans again, we decided to see what the advice is on ning.

Fortunately we're allowed to employ Mr Artisitc Licence...Hurrah! He's been a fabulous help in making the build slightly more flexible in size, a little bit shorter in height & maybe a tad wider.  We're now looking at a 50% increase in width and length, but not in height.

 I'll sleep well now.

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