Saturday, 19 June 2010

Building work on The Bridge Hotel...

Cakes out of the freezer and defrosted, let the cake building commence!!!!!

Oh hang on, let's just have a cup of tea first, we are builders aren't we :)

Bridge Hotel builders on site...

As you can see we're layering the cake with buttercream and shaping it as we go. To the untrained eye it looks like a scruffy victoria sandwich, but to a trained building, this is progress!!!

We decided to build the roof components separately, because it seemed a bit unsteady when we tried to sit it on top and work from there. If we need to we'll use wooden skewers to hold it to the rest of the cake.

Today's team didn't get on site until 11am, might have been due to a footy game last night? Or maybe that they wouldn't start until they'd had a cuppa tea and bacon sarnie.

(The man in the picture is waiting for the pub to open)

It was rendered fairly quickly & easily (including the roof), and then the brickies got to work....After the side (nr car park) wall and back (incl beer garden) they stopped for lunch & had to go to the builders yard for more bricks...I'm hoping they get them before the brickyard closes tonight.

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