Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Spanish lesson

I've been on holiday to Spain recently, and whilst I was there, I kept forgetting the word for 'lamb' because it's one of the things I looked for in restaurants.  So I found a way to remember...



One Day, David Nicholls

It's written in yearly chapters which follow the lives of two friends, Emma & Dexter, after they graduate from Edinburgh University.

Each yearly chapter documents their lives on 15th July, leaving the reader to piece together the rest of the year in-between - a clever device

I really connected with the characters, wanting to know how things panned out for them, even though I thought Dexter was a bit of a cock.  Once I'd started I couldn't put it down, with the usual twists and turns that relationships (and life) has, plenty of laugh out loud moments, funny observations and sad bits too (I was blubbering on the metro journey home).

Loved it.