Saturday, 5 March 2011

10 Things I did this week: 21st-27th Feb

  1. Moved offices, not just along the corridor, across campus.
  2. Moved not just me, but 15 other staff too, making sure everything was labelled, logged and organised (because I'm good at that kind of thing).
  3. Missed my night class, because I was busy packing and sorting stuff for the aforementioned office move.  Bit annoying, because I enjoy my class.
  4. However, managed to accumulate a days-worth of flexi
  5. Took Friday 25th off as flexi and went to Manchester with mum, Leanne, Lynne, Cath, Norma and Louise.
  6. Surpassed myself in 'travelling light' taking 1 rucksack of stuff for Fri-Sun, everyone else had a 'trolley-dolly' bag or a ma-hoo-sive suitcase.
  7. Stayed in Britannia Hotel, courtesy of Tesco Clubcard points, nearly evicted at 1am, due to a Fire Alarm (which turned out to be a false alarm).
  8. Went to the Comedy Store, Fri 25th Feb and had a good proper belly laugh.
  9. Did a bit of shopping at the Trafford Centre, which is much easier to navigate than the MetroCentre.
  10. Watched the final episode of Rome Wasn't Built in a Day, on Channel 4, now I need something else to fill my Thursday evenings.

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