Monday, 2 May 2011

Cakebook 2011 - Bamburgh Castle (planning)

I've just contacted the organisers of Cakebook 2011 to give them my cake size for Cakebook 2011.

Progress so far...
I have chosen to build Bamburgh Castle for the event on 26th June, at Gibside.

I have collected a selection of images of Bamburgh Castle, google images is excellent for this purpose, I've also had some images emailedto me from the nice people at Bamburgh Castle, I've got a book with a great aerial view too.

I plan to build a ridge for Bamburgh Castle to sit on, and think I'll do this from papier mache and chicken wire.

I'm using some of those rectangular boards you use to put under laminate floor, gluing 2 of them together & maybe a bit of tape too.  The boards measure,60cm x 85cm - and once my ridge is done I'll plonk the cake on top.

Next steps
Glue the boards together, Build the ridge, Draw the aerial image onto squarey paper, oh yes, and bake some sponge cakes!