Tuesday, 1 November 2011


This post has nothing to do with sewing or needles. It's a post about hair removal.

I quite like my eyes and have always tried to keep my eyebrows tidy.  They do have a certain unevenness about them, one tends to have a nice looking arch and the other doesn't quite know what it's doing.

Over the years I've waxed, plucked and  creamed, I've never shaved, lasered or electrolosis'd.  But this week I've had them threaded.

This strange looking hair removal procedure looks like a form of cats cradle, with the beautician holding a single twisted piece of ordinary sewing thread in her mouth and each hand, and then twists the thread whilst moving along the eye area and in the process hairs are plucked out.

It's difficult to describe what it looks like because couldn't open my eyes and watch at the same time, so I may need to watch it getting done so I can describe it better.

I also think it's one of those activities that you can't perform on yourself either.

Pain Factor: I'd rate this as a 6, it has the same feeling as plucking (with tweezers) but hairs seemed to be plucked out in a regular way, I felt the pt-pt-pt-pt-pt-pt-pt of an entire row of hairs being removed in one action. It wasn't painful, just  unusual. I wouldn't have it done on any other area of my body though.

Result: my eyebrows finally match, the immediate redness around the eyes went after about 30mins and the eye area is as smooth as Duncan Goodhew's head. I'm very pleased!

Will I go again? I might if they get unruly, or I mess up the shape. But I thought if they were done once (like that) I could keep on top of the shape.

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