Friday, 22 June 2012

I've never worn so much mascara.....

I've been wearing mascara since early June. Not on my eyelashes, but in my hair, in my parting. It means that I get a few more weeks out of my colour before the hairdressers appointment. My hair is a reddish shade, so a brown-black mascara is perfect. Mascara tends to 'condition' the eyelashes anyway so what harm can it do in my hair? I'll be asking the hairdresser about it tomorrow when I get my colour done.

It was my mum who recommended it as a quick-fix when I went to a wedding. My dad actually exclaimed "oh god, look at your hair!" Thanks for that dad.

But yes, mascara in your hair, when the greys show through. Genius. Thanks mum!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Last night I dreamt that I ate 2 bullets

I dreamt I was on a bus/train with this lass and she gave me 2 small bullets to eat. They were metal bullets from a small gun, with a rounded nose.
We both swallowed 2 each.

And then I wondered what might happen to them, would they explode? Would they explode if someone punched me in the stomach?

When I woke up I told Mr Lisa & asked him what would happen to them, he thought I'd just pass them out.

Friday, 15 June 2012

A sort of practise cake

A few updates since my last blog (confession)....

Mr Lisa now knows that the freezer in the garage is full of cake and he's very happy to help me and get involved.  I've been able to answer all of his questions about "how are you going to stop it from toppling when you move it" and "where are you making THAT" and "WHEN DID YOU MAKE ALL THOSE CAKES?"

I've solved a few problems i was having too:

Question: Where can i get a box from to transport my cake, i need something tall and wide?
Answer: Right here - at home.  We bought some IKEA wardrobes and I've fashioned a suitable cardboard transportation protection sleeve for it.

Question: Can I use my bell-shaped cake tin and make a rainbow layered cake without the colours bleeding?
Answer: Dunno, but Mr Lisa has kindly agreed to 'sculpt' this part of the cake.  And by doing so, I've baked another 7 cakes (to shape into the top of the gherkin).

Question: How many layers is it going to be?
Answer: erm....7 layers in a rainbow, and I've got 4 of each colour...(quickly doing the maths), yeh, erm 28 layers. BLIMEY 28 layers!!!

Question: And how tall will THAT be (as a gherkin)?
HOW TALL? 14cm-ish
Answer: Funny you should ask, I don't know...I originally calculated 78cm tall (which is 30inches in old money).  But it just so happens that I can get a more accurate measurement because this weekend I'm making a Belle Cake for my niece made out of rainbow cakes- yes 7 layers, and shaped into the skirt rather than use the bell shaped cake tin.
So here we are, 7 layers sandwiched together with Homemade strawberry & gooseberry jam (nearly a jar full) and buttercream and it measures....14cm.  So, doing the maths (again) 14cm x 4 =56cm or 22inches in old money.  SO just imagine that with another 21 cakes on top :)

​Question: And how are you going to stop it from toppling over?
Answer: ​My dad.

​Question: Your dad???
Answer: Don't interrupt. I was about to say, my dad has built something, a wooden base 15inches x 12inches and screwed (or nailed) a wooden broom handle to it, 25inches long, which is slightly longer than the measurement i had above.  Which actually works out okay - because I'm covering the cake with icing.

Question: ​And how much icing do you need?
Buttercreamed & chilling
Answer: Again, I'll note the amount used on the cake for this weekend, and take that as a rough guestimate.  I shouldn't go far wrong with that (& I'll buy an extra coupe of packets - just in case). 

​Question: So what does this Belle Cake look like?
Answer: ​I'll post a picture when it's finished.  But it'll be similar to the Barbie Cake I made & documented in my flickr photos (last June)

Friday, 8 June 2012

My shower companion

Olly the octopus
Look at this fella - he's called Olly and I LOVE him.

He hangs around in our shower and looks after all of the shampoos, body washes, conditioners and stuff. 

He doesn't take up much space and he doesn't make sarcastic comments about my big fat wobbly bits.

I found him online, Made in Design - just click the link and search for 'octopus' - be sure you don't look anywhere else on their website otherwise you'll end up buying more gorgeous things for your home.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Last night I dreamt about Maximo Park & Breast milk

Last night I had 2 dreams.

In the first I was using a breastpump to extract breast milk. I am not (in real life) using a breast pump, never had children & never used one for any reason whatsoever

In the second dream I shared a regular taxi ride with the band Maximo Park, we seemed to have a good laugh together. One week they gave me a signed copy of their new album, which was nice.
I probably dreamt this because Christina told me they were touring at The Carling/O2 Academy in November 2012