Friday, 10 August 2012

The best cupcake I have EVER eaten

I've eaten a few cupcakes in my time and I've made some myself, but what disappoints me about cupcakes, and made me stop buying and making them, is cupcake icing.

I've had it too: sweet, sickly, overpowering, over-flavoured, under-flavoured, crunchy, chalky, overdone.

I could name names of places to avoid, but I'd rather tell you about the best one I've had to date, as of Friday 10th August 2012.  

You know when you get to a point in the day when only something cakey will do?  Maybe you've not got a sweet-tooth like me.  But today, I really wanted to have something sweet to eat.  It was Friday, it was lunch hour, so why not...

I trundled off to the town and considered the cake-options, cupcake, slice, traybake, muffin, flapjack...But then I remembered Pet Lamb Patisserie in Newcastle Grainger Market, I've heard about their cupcakes, but never been one to fall for the hype, or get excited about cupcakes, I've been there, had a go, eaten my fair share and nearly written them off as a cake that's had its moment...

But given the recent recommendations from C_Newts NellysCupCakes and LaurenPrince, 3 reliable and trusted cake afficionados, who were very excited about getting some (cupcakes) from the new shop at the weekend, I thought to myself...I want a bit of that....

Pet Lamb Patisserie have (until now) baked & sold at food/craft events across the North East and have only just (as of last Saturday) taken up permanent residence in the Grainger Market.
Grainger Market is now one of the cities hotspots for some of Newcastle's best local independent retailers in: ingredients, foods, breads, pizza (by the slice), coffee, homemade, handbaked and handmade. We're very spoilt in Newcastle.

Pet Lamb Patisserie, photo tweeted by @PetLambGirls

But back to my cupcake.

I've never had a Pet Lamb Patisserie cupcake. So when I bought one from their Kitch, retro shop (at the Wilcos end of the market) I was hoping that everything I'd heard about them was true, that they made really great looking and great tasting cupcakes...

My salted caramel cupcake was, well, just so delicious...So much so I've given it the accolade of The Best Cupcake I've Ever Tasted.

The BEST cupcake I have EVER tasted
The cake was light, soft, not too sweet, not too big. The topping was really really good too (note, 2 "reallys" in one sentence).

And as I said at the start, it's the icing that can make or break a cupcake.

This one had a perfect amount of beautifully soft, smooth, light icing.

I'd love to get my hands on their secret recipe, my cupcakes have always been too buttery, too sugary or too sweet and I've never found the right balance.

It was also the perfect Friday afternoon treat.

I'm definitely going back to Pet Lamb Patisserie for another cupcake, but maybe I'll try a different flavour, watch this space...

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