Sunday, 24 February 2013

Things I didn't know until recently: boards on roofs

You know those wooden planks which are attached to roofs at one side.  Well apparently they are there to stop big lumps of snow sliding off onto sheds/conservatories or other outbuildings near houses.

They are NOT there to catch the balls that you throw onto the roof, or over roofs. As a child I would try and see if I could throw a ball (usually a tennis ball) over the roof of the house and it would usually get trapped on the wooden board. Putting a swift end to my shenanigans.

And I only discovered this recently, as in, a few weeks ago.
I am 34.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Last night I dreamt about Mrs McClusky

Last night I dreamt I sat in on a 'further maths class run by Mrs McClusky, the head teacher from Grange Hill.  I wasn't a mathematically bright kid at school so only took regular maths. But in this dream I was my age as I am now and I just sat at the back and observed.
Mrs McClusky

When I left, I thanked Mrs McClusky for letting me stay and gave her 2 ready salted crisps. She didn't say anything in reply.