Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Clandestine Cake Club, Here Comes The Sun' at We are Ernest, Mon 13 May

"We are Ernest" a trendy, urban cafe/bar nestled behind The Biscuit Factory art gallery in the Ouseburn area of Newcastle, hosted cake club last week.

The cafe provides food (check out their amazing flatbreads) coffee, tea and alcohol. They are always busy and have space for couples, groups, parties and families (plus a mass of board games for everyone).

Ernest is hosting some fantastic music/art/cultural events during The Late Shows this weekend - check out their facebook page:

They kindly offered us a room (up the stairs) which had a gym horse and school benches in case we felt the need to do a spot of gymnastics (you never know when the urge might take you). And if you're a fan of star wars they have a very impressive collection of action figures on display.

Our theme was the optimistically titled "here comes the sun" and I was praying for it NOT to rain, and it didn't (otherwise I wouldn't hear the end of it).

18 cake bakers interpreted the theme wonderfully, with cocktail/mocktail-inspired cakes, big-fruity numbers, exotic holiday locations (Tunisia, Indonesia, Alaska?), and traditional summer experiences (solstice, bee-stings, Wimbledon).

We welcomed more New bakers to the Newcastle group and welcomed back some familiar faces.
It was one of those events that I behaved like a butterfly, flitting to the next cake after overhearing attendees say 'that passion fruit meringue cake is amazing' or 'the warm rhubarb polenta is just delicious' but instead of taking some home for later I had a piece there and then and joined in the cake-fest, I have no will-power.

The full list of cakes and their very talented bakers is below.
  • Carol G  Raspberry Lemon Polenta cake
  • Lauren H  Indonesian Layer Cake
  • Val G is  Passion Fruit Meringue Layer Cake
  • Libby B  Strawberries & Cream Cake
  • Helen M  Cosmopolitan Cake
  • Kate E i Rose Baked Alaska Cake
  • Nelly R  Luscious Lemon Cake
  • Suzanne H Vegan Jaffa Cake
  • Hannah B  Summer Solstice Cake 
  • Sarah H  Lemon Cake
  • Eti A Bee Sting Cake
  • Iona H  Gateau Basque
  • Shelley M  Tunisian Orange & Almond Cake 
  • Sheetul T  Pineapple Upside-down Cake
  • Rose M  Rhubarb Polenta Cake
  • Seymour M Fresh Cherry Cake with a hint of cinnamon
  • Lisa V  Blueberry & Raspberry Bundt Cake

After a good hour we'd had plenty, as had bar staff and the owner. So we called it a night shared the leftovers, said our goodbyes and tidied up.

Thank you to all the lovely bakers, hopefully ice convinced your guests to bake next time!

Thanks to everyone who chipped in to help set up or tidy up.

And many thanks again to Ernest for hosting us, if you've never been - you really should check it out, visit: 1 Boyd Street, NE2 1AP Newcastle upon Tyne