Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My first zumba class

Tonight I went to Zumba, I know I'm about 4yrs behind the times & the 'next zumba' is probably doing the rounds but I decided to go with my colleague Hanna who's been encouraging me to try it for ages.

My summary of what it is: it's a cross between salsacise (which I've done before), Bollywood-dance (which I've never done), aerobics (as in, there's a routine to follow) there were a few Barre type moves I recognised and there was an awful lot of hip thrusting, circling and wiggling - which  I felt a bit self-conscious about. I didn't manage to get all of the moves but the  instructor was friendly enough and said that if we couldn't get it - 'just make it up'.

My feedback: I went. I tried it. I had a good workout. It was okay. However, I can get the same workout from an hour on the Wii Just Dance game. So, I probably won't go back. I'm had I've tried it though.