Thursday, 10 April 2014

Before I've even seen it "The Great British Allotmenteer"

I haven't seen the show, I've seen the trailer & the entry information, but here's my thoughts on Great British Allotmenteer. I may end up watching it and love it....

I have an allotment, about 1mile from the north sea coast, near Earsdon (North Tyneside).

Mr Lisa tells me about a new "Great British" TV show/amateur competition for people, they get a plot of land (somewhere down south) and over about 8 weeks have to grow veg/flowers and make stuff.

Do I want to enter the show?
Certainly not.

And here's why:
1. I have an allotment, I can't just leave it for 8weeks to take on a new plot for a competition and I can't give it up for the sake of a competition (there's over 100 people waiting for plots on our site).
2. I have about 10yrs allotment experience from growing veg in a northern climate, all those competitors who live nearer to the site would have an unfair advantage.
3. As well as having an allotment to continue to maintain, I have a full time job, so popping down to the competition site (100+ mile drive) isn't my kind of fun.

I've enjoyed the other "Great British" shows, bake off and sewing bee, but with allotment - you're going a bit too far. Nice concept but you're alienating anyone who manages an allotment (on their own) and lives 100+ miles of the competition site.

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