Wednesday, 3 December 2014

How to make an ambulance out of cake

My nephew went to Coventy University in September to learn/train to become a paramedic, he's wanted to do this for a long time.  I was asked to make him an ambulance for his 18th Birthday (21st May 2014), here's my belated post about how I made his cake.

I started (as always) by googling "ambulance cake" and taking a look at what other people had made, my inspiration was this one 

Here's my version:


I made several chocolate sponge cakes and cut them to a basic shape Then glued the layers together with chocolate buttercream and covered the entire cake in buttercream. Then covered the cake in white icing - this bit was tricky, I did it in two parts the front cab and the back were 2 separate pieces of icing.

Then I added window (cutting out the shape from the white icing and replacing with black icing), making the wheels and bumper (black icing) and then adding the rest of the ambulance logos:

Eat Your Photo

The checkerboard and the logos were printed onto edible icing - and ordered from Eat Your Photo - you send them a file with your images and they'll print and send them within a few days, I just googled for the images.  I've been really impressed with their service.  You cut the pieces to size, wet the back and stick onto the cake. 

Here are the finishing touches:

I then added some blue lights, wing mirrors and a number plate JACK 18
Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of the back - which I did in the traditional chevron style (but it wasn't as neat as the front).