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I like to add extra things in my blog, and tend to 'google' first, embed the code and forget how I did it.  This page is a reminder of the things I've used, and how I did it, so I know how to do it next time. And anyone reading this blog can benefit from it too.


    Reduce the size of an image (for your blog background/twitter page):

    Make a collage of pictures:

    Adding a flickr slideshow to a blogger post:

    As seen in:
    and in
    1. Go to your flickr account
    2. Choose the set you want to embed and view the 'slideshow' in flickr
    3. At the top right of the slideshow, choose Share and Grab the HTML embed code
    4. Paste this into your blog post (in the HTML tab).
    5. Go into the HTML tab and edit the width/height sizes to fit your blog post. 

    Adding your flickr photostream (or a set) to your SIDEBAR in Blogger.

    Configure slideshow gadget in sidebar

    1. Go to flickr, get the RSS feed URL* (instructions below)
    2. In your blog, edit the blog layout.
    3. Add a Gadget & configure the settings
    4. Source is OTHER
    5. Feed is the RSS feed (from step 1)
    6. It should start to show your photostream/set

     *How to find the Feed URL:
    • In your flickr stream (or particular set), choose the option to subscribe to the feed
    • Click the link, that link is the RSS feed.
    • Copy/paste that into Feed URL in the gadget

    HTML code which I often forget: Temperatures in Degrees & Fractions

    Particularly temperatures in cooking, such as 175 degrees = 175°
    Plus others, like fractions, like ¼ or ½, which I use when writing up recipes,¼ teaspoon
    Easily found in this useful website:

    Adding a search this blog box

    Sometimes I tweet about previous posts, and rather than trawling through the entire blog i've written (since about 2007) I have added a search box.
    Here's the website that gave me the HTML to add in the sidebar gadget 

    A handy code generator
    Which gives me the HTML for a table, based on the sizes I give it number of columns etc...
    Yes, it's the lazy easy way

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