Monday, 24 August 2009

My skirt

It happened years ago, I was wearing one of my hand-me-down skirts from my sister and we all went (all being: me, sister, mum, aunty and 2 cousins) to Aysgarth Falls for the day, we used to go there a lot, it was great. We took a picnic, our cozzies and jelly shoes and the plan was to spend the day by the falls - mums talking and us kids playing in the water, larking about.

I remember getting ready to go in, and being the youngest at the time, needed a bit of help puttin' me cozzie on. I droppped my skirt around my ankles and stepped out of it, kicking it away in order to step into cozzie foot-hole. But this time I kicked too hard, I kicked it into the water and off it went down one of the falls. My cousin scrambled down the waterway a bit to see if he could catch it, but he missed it, and it was gone, forever. Never seen it since. I loved that skirt, even though it was a second hand one.

It was white with little miniscule people dotted around the hemline, probably aged 6-7 years, but wouldn't have had my name embroided in it.

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