Saturday, 13 February 2010

33mile bike ride training week1

17 weeks to go..
I was going to start my cycling training programme the week before last week (which would have been 19wks), but then it decided to snow, and so I couldn't. And last week I was on Stepmum duties, although I did go swimming (which I've not done since holiday last year).

Anyway today we're going to start today at 2pm!

Load bikes into car. Drive to the Yacht Club (Blyth). Get out of car. Get bikes out. Lock car. Get on bike. Cycle home.

In the car we're talking 15minute drive and 7 miles. If we're talking Lisa bike ride, where I'll spend most of my time looking at things around me, then we're talking 2hr ride and 7 miles.

If you look at this Google Map we're going to start just south of Blyth, and going through Seaton Sluice, towards Whitley Bay, along the coast and then inland about a mile back home. Mr Lisa is going to the go back to Blyth and get the car (he's superfit and can manage that kind of ride, whereas I'll be straight in the shower and then back to bed for 3 hours).

I also have this idea in my head that when I get home, I should reward myself with a nice big cake. But then that's not really the point of being in training.

What I'm doing to myself could be compared to my brother doing short training-toss' for his racing pigeons; take them out in the car, let them off and they fly home for food (the young ones do).

I should really get out of the mindset that I should reward myself with food. But I'm not really sure how to reward myself? I love food.

My initial thoughts are that this is south, so it's a downhill route = easy.
I'll post my comments later when I'm back.

Northern Rock Cyclone 2010
Saturday 12th June 2010, 33miles
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