Monday, 2 August 2010


Simon Pegg

I don't like going to the dentist, but I have to go.  In May I was told I needed to have a filling replaced, and now it's at the point where the old filling is practically non-existent and i keep having to poke bits of food out of it.

I went to a private dentist until about 18months ago.  I would waste £50 for a 10 minute checkup from a dentist who looked like Simon Pegg he would always insist I visited the hygienist too for an extra £30, and she spent 20minutes delivering oral torture - poking and prodding my teeth and gums with every sharp implement she could find in her toolbox.  She always asked me How often do you floss? and every time I replied never.  I thought, what's the fucking point, if I'm paying you to do it for me.

It was Simon Pegg who did the filling that needs replacing.  He must have only done it 2 years ago, and it cost me nearly £100.

I go to an NHS dentist now, I don't see why I should be paying £50 per checkup for something I really dislike, I'm much happier paying the NHS rate of £16.

The downside is that I've tried getting an appoinment for my filling, but can't get one until October 2010 - that's 2 months away!

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