Sunday, 12 September 2010

Marzipan Frogs

Remember my post about Betty's & the pic of the frogs? Well I decided that I could probably make a batch of them.  And so I did. Here's my guide to making marzipan frogs.
  1. Start with a batch of fairy cakes, peel off the paper, cut the top off, turn over & put the extra bit on the top.
  2. Get yourself some marzipan and if you haven't done so already, put a blob of gree food colouring in & mix it up  Handy tip: put the marzipan into a freezer bag & mix it up, so your hands won't get covered in green food colouring.
  3. Pull off a small amount of marzipan & roll out to 5mm, take a large round cutter & cut a circle out.
  4. Cover the fairy cake in apricot glaze & stick the marzipan to it & smooth over, tuck any extra bits underneath.
  5. Measure out 18g of marzipan for the head, roll into a ball, flatten slightly, slice one end for the mouth & shape it.  Use apricot glaze to stick this to the top of the base.
  6. For the eyes roll out small balls of marzipan & stick these to the back of the head.
  7. To whiten the eye, use a thick water-icing paste and dab-on carefully with a cocktail stick/skewer.
  8. To do the pupils use ready made writing icing, make sure it's soft (put the tube in a cup of hot water to soften), practise first & dot the eyes.
  9. Repeat for each frog & you should have yourselves a little crowd of the fellas.
  10. Now tidy up your mess before you eat one.
To view a step by step photo guide go to this flickr page

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