Monday, 8 November 2010

Halloween Costume 2010

For me the fun of fancy dress is making the costume.

Halloween Costume 2010 (Lisa Vincent)

Making it from second-hand, hand-made, recycled, reused stuff.

I know if I make my own costume it'll be unique, no one else will have one, and I'll stand out from the crowd, which I like to do in fancy dress.

I use google-searches for ideas in my head, this year it was 'headless zombie' I pulled out a few images and decided to replicate what I'd seen. I'm the kind of person that looks at things and says I can make that and I often manage to!

As Charles Caleb Colton said in 1820, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (btw -I had to google for that reference).

So the headless zombie grew out of a vintage charity shop dress for £7.50, a papier-maché neck and shoulders (plain flour & water paste with newspaper strips), and a foil buffet platter.

The results worked a treat, I still laugh at how well it turned out!

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