Wednesday, 16 March 2011

10 Things I did this week: 8th Mar-14th Mar

  1. Had my 33rd birthday.
  2. Took the day off work and went to Durham, spent the day looking round the Cathedral, mooching the streets, shopping & dinner at Oldfields.
  3. Met up with Laura & Rufus, had a little cuddle (of Rufus).
  4. Did some painting in the dining room (painted some of the walls) and then put some paint on my canvas.
  5. Made a pie & ate it, for National Pie Week, it was a chicken, leek, mushroom & broccoli pie.
  6. Made peppermint slices (like the ones I used to make at Lewis & Cooper, all those years ago).
  7. Broke open my Terramundi pot, counted £830 and a half-penny.
  8. Had Matthew over for the weekend: went swimming, played Super Mario Kart, played table football, did some experiments, wrestling, reading and bop-it!
  9. Planted some beans & peas, then settled them into my new greehouse.
  10. Still going to Acting Skills Class on Monday nights - rehearsing a short piece with Debra called 'The Next Mrs. Jacobson'

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