Saturday, 23 April 2011

Follw-up to Too Many Clothes...A Solution

My summer clothes are out, and my winter clothes are away, ignore the fact that I've told you that I've got 2 masses of clothes, I'll come to that later.

But the main point I'm trying to make is that I've followed my own advice from my post on Too Many Clothes...A Solution and have been ruthless. 
Anything that was left of the ribbon has been dealt with:
  • Have I worn it? No.
  • Can I use the material?
    • If yes, cut the materials into a nice piece, fold up & put in sewing box.
    • If no, put in a bag for the charity shop.
I did also come across one or two items that I asked myself, why haven't I worn it?  What I found was that I had one or two things that I thought I could 'do something with' like, put a lace edging on it, remove a pocket, dye it.  And with those things, wrote what I needed to do on a piece of paper, gave myself until September 2011 to do it and safety pinned it to the item, and put it in a box (near my sewing box).  If September comes and the item is still sat waiting to be done, then it will go.

How Many Clothes?
Now, back to my announcement that I have a winter set and summer set of clothes. Yes, I do, and I really want to cut down on the number of clothes I have.  So I've got my ribbon thing on the go. But I've also put a box in my 't-shirt and vest-top drawer' because I just accumulate these things, and they get worn all year round, but I'll keep buying more.  So, I've created a new rule, if it gets worn, then it doesn't go back in the box, it goes in the drawer, but not in the box.  So I can cull from this set of clothes too.

I'm still working on a rule for footwear, and I'm not even starting on the handbags.

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