Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mini Cheesecakes

I like making mini-cakes, not buns or muffins but a cake like a proper chocolate cake and then make it 50% smaller.
I quite enjoy eating a slice of cake over the weekend, and during the week will do without.

So I often feel guilty when I make a regular 8-10 slice cake, eat my weekend slice and wonder what to do with the rest.  Mr Lisa would prefer me to keep it, but then the temptation is in the house and I will *have* to have more.  I sometimes take it to work, but I'd rather make a cake that provided me with 'just enough'.

When my friend Gemma said she was having a party for her son's 2nd birthday I offered to make 'something' and so I made mini cheesecakes, raspberry ones and strawberry ones. And because they're small you can have 1 of each and not feel guilty!

My cheesecake mixture is: double cream, marscapone, a tablespoon of icing sugar (or faster) and fresh fruit, and the base was just crushed digestive biscuits & butter.

I actually made them in 2 big rectangular trays (lined with clingfilm) chilled it, lifted the cheesecakes out and cut circles out with a pastry cutter, there was some waste but I left that for my mum and dad to eat (i made them at theirs).
I'm quite please with how they turned out and they tasted great, 2 bites & they were gone!

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