Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Yorkshire Way: protecting hand held digital devices

For the last 2 yes I've had my HTC mobile phone in a sock.
A real sock.
A real sock made for some kid.
Phone Sock & Nexus 7 Sock IN
My gadget socks (gadgets INSIDE)

When I got my phone I decided that I wasn't going to be ripped off by buying some cheap plasticy cover for it and felt that a sock would do the job perfectly.

I have to give credit to my boss at this point for introducing the idea, he put the work-camera in a sock to protect it from scratches. BUT. He used a thin sock. 

I decided that for ultimate protection I needed to have my phone in a towelling sock, or one that had towelling on the inside. Boots the chemist didn't let me down, I got 2 pairs of Baby towelling socks for the bargain price of £2.99 and the beauty of a sock is that you can wash one and use the other, with 4 socks (I had 2 pairs) I could even pretend that a pair had gone on holiday!

Phone Sock & Nexus 7 Sock OUT
My gadget socks with their respective gadgets (OUTSIDE)
As it happens I only use one pair for my HTC phone and I got rid of the other pair. But it does the job perfectly and the soft fluffy towelling innards are great for polishing the screen (especially when you give your phone to your 4yr old niece who wants to play on the drum kit app).

When I got my new Nexus7 I knew exactly what kind of cover I wanted for it, I'd just buy a grown-up towelling sock for it (why not?). I did toy with the idea of buying a flannel-mit and sewing a button & loop over the end, but a stretchy sock seemed to hug the gadget much better giving it much better protection. Plus I'd have to buy 2 flannel-mits. 
So here we are, little diddy sock for my phone and grown up sock, which I've named Bagpuss for my Nexus7, what's not to like about that?

PS Yes, that is Mavis Cruet on my HTC desktop

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