Sunday, 13 January 2013

Coffee room chat: jamming on phone apps

Before Christmas we had this 'coffee room' chat at work about musical instrument phone apps and we decided that we were going to download an instrument and then just all jam together in the coffee room.

Coffee room chats are a bit like pub conversations; they could be about anything/everything, but are caffeine induced instead of alcohol induced. The results are pretty similar in my opinion.

We didn't do our jamming session unfortunately, but I did learn some basic beatbox skills from Steve, apparently you say "boots and cats" over and over...

Meanwhile ChrisT, not to be mistaken with Christ, found this little gem for me on YouTube, which appeals to my appreciation for both my cake baking and beatboxing. It's pretty amazing what he does...enjoy

'Beatbox Chef', YouTube (FILIPeeek)

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