Monday, 28 July 2014

Allotmenting whilst pregnant

Although I've not been posting regularly about my allotment, I've still got my allotment and am still 'doing' it.

This year I've done 90% of the work and Mr Lisa has done the other 10%.

Being pregnant is no excuse (for me) to stop, I'm fit and well, the baby is active and well and because I was digging/weeding/picking/planting/sowing before I became pregnant then it's perfectly safe for me to continue (I'm still spinning & walking up/down the escalator).

For the early part of the pregnancy (until about 18wks) I haven't really had to do anything differently.

As my bump has grown I've had to listen to my body, and adjust things accordingly.

Before 18wks:
I'd dig a patch of ground with a fork, turn it over, bend over and pick the weeds out, non-stop until it was done.

I dig a patch of ground with a fork, I squat down and pick the weeds out (wearing gloves) and if I feel the (normal) gentle muscle/ligament stretch across the lower part of my belly I'd slow down or sit down for 5mins with a drink.

Generally my weeding/sowing/planting position has changed, mainly because bending from the waist squishes my (growing) belly and soon causes that muscle/ligament pain.

So I'm mostly on my hands and knees (kneeling on a knee pad) using a handtool and wearing gloves to pick/remove weeds, or squatting.

There are some things I can't squat down for, like picking peas, picking climbing french beans, filling the watering cans and digging potato plants but I'm just *careful* about how vigorously I do these and I listen to my body.

My allotment still isn't perfect and I know it never will be, but it's keeping me active and when I have dinner and see that all of the veg is homegrown I feel proud.

30wks pregnant.

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