Wednesday, 16 August 2006

I wanted to do a cartwheel today

This isn't a lie either. I've been practicing cartwheels recently (at a friend's wedding reception in fact) and I feel like I should do them a bit more.

The corridor on the Bridge seemed pretty empty this morning and I just had that feeling that I should do one, get it out of my system.  Although - it might have had the opposite effect and I might have felt inclined to do more, but without doing one I'll never know.

I'm not sure about any H&S issues or terms and conditions of employment which forbid cartwheeling in the corridor.

I'm no good at doing rolypolys.
I used to enjoy doing hand-stands.

We used to play rain-storm-thunder-lightning on the school field when I was younger.  Someone would stand and shout 'rain-storm-thunder-lightning' and everyone else would do a hand-stand, the winner was the person who held the hand-stand the longest.  Some people would go all the way over, into a crab position, some wouldn't get enough kick on the way up and fall back down, some would get their legs up but their hands would buckle.  It was all good fun.  I expect they've banned rain-storm-thunder-lightning from Primary School playing fields now.

Not sure about the hyphenating of hand-stands either.

My ambition is to be able to do the splits without causing myself any lasting injury.

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