Monday, 14 August 2006

My second post

Second post, same as the first (little bit louder and a little bit worse)

Spokey dokeys, pootle the flump, captain cave man, car wash from will'o the wisp and car wash the song by Rose Royce, not Rolls Royce or King Rollo packet of rollos - your last rollo, everlasting gobstopper, jaw breakers, break dancing, dancing in the street, streethawk, hawkeye - man from M*A*S*H, for Mash get smash, go smash an egg, humpty dumpty, playschool, square window, black widow spider, anorak-knee-phobia, kagool, kajagoogoo, tiny tears, tears for fears, everybody wants to rule the world, feed the world, world in action, action force (against cobra the enemy), NME, Eeee Claire, Claire Claire Octopus Hair (the only way you could brush is was standing on a chair), Chair-Kit-Out, checkitout - chockablock and rentaghost, for old time's sake.

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