Tuesday, 5 January 2010

One of the many things that isn't as big as it was...snow

That's right, the white stuff.

When I was a kid we used to have snow, deep stuff, thick stuff. Not the mamby-pamby stuff we're getting now, proper snowman making, sledge-worthy snow.

And, when I was a kid they never ever closed our primary school.

We'd go to school in our wellies (or snowboots - if you were posh). Play out at breaktimes, build snowmen, have snowball fights on the school field and eat snow.

After breaktime we'd kick the snow off our wellies (or snowboots - if you were posh) put our welly-peg on our wellies and put our slippers on (or plimmies) and go back to lessons.

Snow in those days was better for snowman building and sledging, my dad would take us to a field on Lees Lanes/Ainderby Road and we'd sledge down the hill there (the hill with the stream at the bottom). We'd use our plastic sledges, heavy-duty plastic sacks (my dad got from work) and we had a bum-sledge thing that also worked a treat.

That was proper snow

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