Sunday, 14 March 2010

33mile bike ride training week2 (1 month later)

I'd decided before the weekend that I really should get back out on the bike for a bit more practice (last week I'd been in Paris for my birthday, week before it was rainy, week before that I was in Edinburgh).

Made a cracking 3-egg bacon & mushroom omelette for breakfast, so I'd be able to cycle for miles.

Shaved my hairy legs and changed my socks (was wearing my bagpuss pink/white stripeys but changed them to my Lisa socks). Left the house about 11.15am.

It was a bit of a blowy start (into the wind) up to Earsdon along the road, then off road towards Holywell. We kept a steady pace and I did a few short sprints. Mr Lisa decided to fall as we were leaving Holywell village, but he was fine (he'll probably tell you it was my fault), and we had a good cycle back towards Monkseaton Drive.

It was a lot warmer than last time, and I wore too many layers.
But was pleased with the distance and time, and the fact that I wasn't feeling too nackered afterwards.

If I can aim for double the distance by the end of March I'll be happy!

Northern Rock Cyclone 2010
Saturday 12th June 2010, 33miles
Raising money for the RNLI, please sponsor me!

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