Sunday, 28 March 2010

33mile bike ride training week3 (11 weeks to go)

I've done 3 weeks of training and have hit my training target (15miles by the end of March). I'm feeling proud of myself for getting here. Not just because it feels like a long way, but also because I went out and did it on my own (Mr Lisa was away in Edinburgh), so I got myself out of bed and went for it.

Weather: Sunny and breezy.

I did 2 laps of the 7mile run I did the other week, and it seemed to take me about 90mins or so, I didn't take a note of the actual time.

The ride:
- From my house up to Earsdon village, through the village and along to Church Farm
- From the road to off-road, on the Waggonways
This bit was a bit up hill and exposed (blowy) so it was a bit of a slog to start with
- Then there's a bit of junction, I took the 2nd right, heading along the track
- Out by the old pit slag-heap, cross the road and back off road again along a track
- Follow the track, pass a house (on the right) and continue until the track veers right
This is more sheltered and I kept doing bursts of fast-sprints along here, lots of puddles too :)
- Then the track slopes downhill (this is the fun bit)
- You reach a bridge going over a stream, the road bridge is higher up & parallel (this is Holywell)
I stop for a rest on the bridge, have a drink etc
- Then up hill, along the footpath, and into Holywell, cross the road by the pub taking a right turn
- Pass the houses on this estate, at the end there's a big kerb & gateway to get though (this is where Mr Lisa fell off the other week)
- Once through the gate it's a nice fast off road track
- As you near the trees there's a turn to the right, which takes you downhill and onto the Waggonways track again
- Once on the Waggonways, there's a good sprint opportunity heading back, slightly uphill
- The track goes on for some distance, it's a nice sheltered ride and takes you back to Monkseaton Drive
I turn off before the main road, heading along the housing estate, and out by the Red House Farm pub (it's a bit less exposed)
- Then once you're on Monkseaton Drive, it's a slow grinding ride to the top where the roundabout is (near Sainsburys)
This is the last bit and it also kills me.
- The next lap would take me right, back up to Earsdon.
- I'd go left here to head home (about 500 yards or so)

When I finished I was pretty wobbly, jelly-legs and what-have-you, but after a shower and something to eat I felt fine.

Today, my legs don't hurt, but my undercarriage is feeling a bit saddlesore, and I know it can only get worse.

We've got 11 weeks to go, the clocks have changed, so I'm hoping I can add another mid-week ride to my training programme.

Northern Rock Cyclone 2010
Saturday 12th June 2010, 33miles
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