Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ladies Lunch at Blackfriars: Make-up (The Perfect Base)

On Tuesday I decided to be a "lady" and attend a "Ladies' Lunch" event at Blackfriars in Newcastle, this was the 3rd month of "Ladies' Lunch & Talks" organised and run by Blackfriars.  Previous talks, as I understand included one on champagne (how did I miss this?).  And the one I went to on Tuesday was all about make-up.
See - I look like a clown
My make-up Dilemma
I'm one of those people who has had the same routine for years: moisturiser, foundation, bit of blush & curl the eyelashes.  If I'm going out on an evening I'll venture into a bit of mascara.
As for eye-shadow, eye liner and lipstick, whether worn individually or tried all together, I just look like a man in drag or a clown.
Don't ask me about what I think about the women who work on make-up counters, that's just another scary world that I don't want to venture into.
I don't blame the equipment, I know it's not that, because there are many people I know who do know how to apply their make up properly, and look very beautiful, glamourous and 'enhanced.'

The talk
The talk was delivered by Kerry Nicholson of The Perfect Base, her credentials included make-up artist to the cast of Emmerdale, several films, TV shows including something called 'Geordie Shore?'  So she knew her stuff, and when I was asked to be her glamourous guinea pig assistant, I felt like I was in safe hands.
Kerry doesn't just do talks like this, and make up to the stars, she also does classes, tuition, weddings, promotional events, parties and makeup shopping.
The talk, interspersed with questions, queries and quibs from a lively audience of 8 of us went on for over an hour and a half!

We were aged between 20-something and 60-something, each of us had varying degrees of make-up experience, skills and confidence.  We might have only been a group of 8 but we all had our own little niggles and took full advantage of Kerry's expertise.  Kerry answered all our questions, she was very thorough, patient and was pretty much a font of knowledge on all things makeup, products, brands and tools of the trade!
What I especially liked about Kerry's talk was that she had a knowledge of a wide range of makeup products, tools tips and tricks, it wasn't all about buying expensive products or kit.  This service was just what I needed, something you don't get from the makeup counters in Boots/John Lewis/Fenwicks etc.
What I learnt:
Well I know now what order I should be applying things.
  • Moisturiser
  • Primer: the stuff that smooths out indents, wrinkles etc.
  • Foundation - doesn't have to be used all over (a revelation to me)
  • Concealer
  • Bronzer: adds a bit of colour, it's not just for holiday-tan look (remembered the 3-shape & W-shape)
  • Eyes*: line, shadow, curl eyelashers, mascara
  • Blush
  • Lipstick
*Eyes - I got a little frightened at the eyes: she applied eye liner all the way under the eyes something I never do - it's the look I never go for.  The audience loved it, they commented on how good it looked, I winced and shook my head and Kerry took it off for me, the crowd weren't happy, but I want makeup to make me feel confident, and that look wasn't doing it for me and Kerry (the expert as always) realised this, and acted on this.

I went with a couple of friends, Catherine and Sophia, who both took 'after' photos, but I'm not uploading them into here!

I also learnt that I might have a new venue to try for Clandestine Cake Club events & will be in touch with Blackfriars soon to discuss the details!
The Lunch
The lunch was eaten in Blackfriars Restaurant on a large communal table, we chose 3 courses from their Express Lunch menu: at least 4-5 starters, mains and desserts.

I chose Home smoked salmon, with roasted beetroot for starter (sweet, smoky and delicious), followed by 6oz steak, cooked rare (could have been a tad rarer, but it was very nice), and baked rice pudding with shortbread and pumpkin & ginger jam (which was absolutely delicious!)

Thanks to:
Blackfriars  - for great food, great company & a nice way to spend a Tuesday afternoon (we didn't leave until 3.30pm)
Kerry Nicholson, from The Perfect Base - very professional, patient and the font of knowledge (imho) on all things make-up

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