Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fifty shades vs Forever by Judy Blume

I can't believe the hype, hysteria and hormonal hyperbole surrounding this book (or books).

My sister hasn't read since school, but she's reading it.

It's amazing that a book with a saucy reputation has got people, who don't normally read, to read.  And in ye olde fashioned paperback too.

I can't comment on the content, style, structure, characterisation or leit motifs, because I haven't read it.

All I want to say is, I've never heard of a book so popular since Forever by Judy Blume.  When everyone of the age of 12 at my secondary school wanted to read it.  All I remember is that it was the first sexual encounter in a fictional book I'd ever read and Judy Blume was a teenage-fiction writer, not your Mills & Boon-esque genre.

I don't remember the main characters names but the girl in the story referred to her boyfriends penis as RALPH.

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