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Clandestine Cake Club: Life is Sweet, The Bridge Hotel - 18th March

I was like a kid in a sweetshop last Monday night, Newcastle Clandestine Cake Clubs's theme was Life is sweet, with cakes inspired by sweets and confectionery.

Eti's Kitkat Cake

Our gathering was held at The Bridge Hotel, one of Newcastles best real ale pubs, located next to the high level bridge. A pub? you ask, yes a pub, but The Bridge Hotel supports and encourage local groups to use it to hold meetings and events, knitting groups, pie clubs etc, and tonight was the turn of cake! It's one of those pubs with little snugs and divided off areas which meant we weren't in full view of the rest of the pub goers, and it was quiet too. Their friendly staff kept us topped up with drinks, teas coffees, or something stronger for others and we reciprocated in cakey loveliness.

The bakers arrived, the cakes were set out. The smells were amazing.  From a chocolatey snickers cake to the fresh strawberries on the strawberry cake, the floral scent of violets (parma violet of you hadn't guessed) my minty aero cake and more.

I'm always wowed by the efforts our bakers go to to present and finish their cakes, Eti's kitkat cake wouldn't look out of place in a Parisian patisserie window, it was spectacular!

The full cake list (& a selection of mobile phone pics - apologies for these)

Left to right (along top)
Eti's Kitkat Cake
Melanie's Rhubarb and Custard Cake
Iona's Fruit Salad Cake
Lauren's Sherbet Lemon Cake
Lisa's Mint Aero Cake
Richard's Sherbet Fountain Cake
Helen's Strawberry Cake IMAG0092
Leanne's Chocolate Cherry Cola Cake Leanne's Chocolate Cherry Cola Cake
Sharon's Snickers Cake Sharon's Snickers Cake
Emma's White Mice Cake Emma's White Mice Cake
Lindsay's Jazzies cake Lindsay's Jazzies Cake
Front centre: Sheetul's Coconut Cake, surrounded by Kitkat cake, Snicker's cake, White Mice cake (top left), Jazzies Cake Sheetul's Coconut Cake
Top: Kate's Violet Cream Cake
Bottom: Hannah's Daim Bar Cake
Hannah's Dime Bar Cake

    We welcomed more new members, Helen, Hannah, Emma and Lindsay who found out about CCC by the website, friends or existing members and re-welcomed our regulars.

    And as with all Newcastle gatherings we just spent the evening mingling, chatting about other local CCC events, other local food clubs and events (see Local Foodie Events this spring in/around Newcastle) and eating cake until our bellies ached (in a nice way).

    There was more than enough to be shared at the end, keeping us going until the weekend (at least) with more for the bar staff.

    And when the sharing was done, everyone (yes everyone) got stuck in and helped to tidy up, clearing away plates, wiping tables, moving furniture and returning glasses and cups to the bar - a proper team effort - thanks everyone!

    Thanks again to The Bridge Hotel for hosting us, all the bakers (& guests).

    Next Newcastle gathering: May (exact date to be confirmed)
    Location: cafe in Ouseburn area
    Theme: Here comes the sun, keep an eye on website for booking form

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