Sunday, 12 January 2014

Allotment planning for 2014 - seed sowing timetable

I need to have a plan of what needs planting and when for each type of vegetable I grow, otherwise I forget, sow late and have a poor yield.  My vegetable list is generally the same and it's only the dates that really change, so I've created a template in excel to use and reuse each year, just changing the dates.

Here it is:

It's not very sophistcated, which is perfect.  And mutliple dots on one line next to each other generally remind me to plan something during these weeks (rather than something every week). And again, this is tailored to the space I have in my allotment, the fact that there's only 2 of us to feed, what will freeze, how long things will stay in the ground for and experience of the climate up here (NE25, about a mile from the coast.

I don't include cucumber, aubergine and peppers - because I buy these plants direct from the seed company, and all I need to do is have the greenhouse ready to receive them when they're delivered.

I'll have a printed copy at the house so I know where I am, but I'll put the actual date I planted things on the sheet.

Obvioulsy it all goes to cock when I book in my summer holiday - not just for the date I need to sow seeds, but what's been sown recently - because they need babysitting (& are usually packed off to my father-in-laws), so I'll have to adapt or change things to fit in, which is pretty normal anyway.

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  1. Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. I especially love the pigeon cake and fox mask, thank you so much for sharing!