Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 - I give it a 7 out of 10

2013 has been a year that I'll never ever forget. 
A rabbit on a sledge & a snowman
  • I fell pregant straight away
  • I found a starfish in the rockpools near Burnham (on holiday)
  • I saw seals in the harbour at Eyemouth
  • I won The Gingerbread House Challenge 2013
  • I won a fancy dress prize at Panic Room, 2013 for my costume
  • At work my secondment was renewed for another year
  • I bought my first cashmere jumper (& I love it)
  • I lost weight
  • I found spinning to be quite enjoyable (& go weekly)
  • I had a really productive allotment year
  • I really loved being pregnant & feeling excited about being a new mum.
  • I baked quite a few decent cakes for family and for cake club
  • I'm proud of my mum who's lost over 3 stone this year - she's amazing!
  • I had a lovely relaxing weekend at my friends in Cirencester
  • I finally started some craft projects (embroidery) and finished them!
  • I made mask that looked like a fox (for a party) and I was pleased with my efforts
  • I have been in good health (so have my nearest & dearest)
  • My mum & dad came to visit me (my dad's not visited me for ages)
  • I had dinner in the restaurant in the Baltic
  • I ate razor clams for the first time and loved them 
  • I felt so proud of my sister, who gave up smoking (& I felt we became close this year)
  • I joined a new secret 'canap√© inspired' eating club
  • I learnt how to make punschrulle - thanks Lauren
  • I learnt how to temper chocolate, how to scuplt icing into a snowman and rabbit, how to do needlefelting, how to crochet, how to make a patchwork cushion
  • I saw my friend & sister in laws 1yr olds learn to walk and talk
  • I visited Edinburgh for my birthday and had a fantastic time
  • I'm so lucky to have such wonderful, kind, loving and thoughtful people in my life; my husband, my family, friends (near and far), colleagues, friends-of-friends, people on twitter I've never met and NHS staff.
And despite you know what, I still feel I enjoyed 2013.
So I'm giving 2013 a 7 out of 10

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  1. I wish you a wonderful 2014 year and hope you will be able to rate it higher. Take Care.