Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My bank holiday weekend in photos...

Friday afternoon

Spent the afternoon off work, so I went to the allotment and planted and weeded...
Saturday morning

Whilst eating Crunchy Nut Cornflakes I noticed something rough on my tooth, I took a picture of my tooth and noticed - it was broken!!! I rang for an emergency appointment, but it wasn't swollen/painful so they told my to eat soft food, on the other side of my mouth & put this temporary filler on it.
Saturday morning

I covered this blanket box, it used to belong to my great uncle.  He died a few weeks ago.
Saturday afternoon

I baked a cake, and managed to burn my arm on the oven shelf. The cake tasted nice though
Sunday morning

I went to the allotment, was waiting for someone to leave so I could park up, and they reversed into me, "I'm sorry I didn't see you there" was what he said. Fortunately his insurance company contacted me on Tuesday morning to sort things out.
Monday morning
I made this for my niece's birthday cake (I'm making her cake on Friday).
Monday afternoon
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I drove to Newton-by-the-sea to enjoy a friends birthday celebrations, and pick up Mr Lisa, he'd cycled up there.
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And then on Tuesday I went to work. The End.

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