Sunday, 13 February 2011

10 Things I did this week: 1st Feb - 7th Feb

  1. Baked cakes!!! I haven't baked since Christmas, and said I wouldn't until we'd eaten through the piles of biscuits we were given for Christmas.  This has been achieved by taking them to work, and so on Saturday - I baked chocolate buns with chocolate chunky bits.
  2. We had Matthew for a weekend -yay, that's always fun. I showed him how I can burp and talk at the same time, and before he left he had me counting from 1-10 in various accents. 
  3. Went to Tynemouth tat market; bought 2 glass platters (cake stand & fruit bowl) and £2 bargain material for my next skirt project.
  4. Went to the allotment, and planted my garlic, see my Leg of mutton allotment blog
  5. Is supervising 'operation cupboards' in our dining room - so far so good.
  6. Had confirmation that our offices will definitely be moving across campus.  I've been tasked with overseeing the packing and the jigsaw that is our new office & our desks!
  7. Accepted a commission for a cake.
  8. Made a pie for pie club
  9. Submitted my 'Desert Island Discs' for a work newsletter.
  10. Invented a shower-gel holder for our shower cubicle (one that is mounted high above the showerhead).

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