Sunday, 6 February 2011

10 Things I did this week: 24th January -31st January 2011

  1. Wore a skirt for work (on a couple of occasions)
  2. Finished my ball of wool & bought another one
  3. Managed 2 quiz-teams: RamJam-1 came 10th and RamJam-A came 2nd.
  4. Visited my family (1st time since Christmas) and played Brio and Dolls with my niece Brook.
  5. Took receipt of a new dining table & 8 chairs, send the sideboard back because it was damaged.
  6. Took my old dining table & chairs to my sister, spent Friday night at hers.  Her cat scared the hell out of me, grabbing me through the sofa (she was at the back & poked her paw thorough to me sat on the sofa).
  7. Had a lovely lunch in Bettys with my mum & sister.
  8. Visited my grandma & great auntie Hazel
  9. Caught up with my bestest friends, Claire, Lynne, Kerry, Kath, Hayley and went to a School Reunion for people in my school year & year above/below - from age of 11 (organised via Facebook), unfortunately of the 40-odd who confirmed, only about 16 turned up.  Which was a shame.
  10. Coming to realise that I'm better off not drinking when I'm out.  I can't find a drink that I can handle without getting a really bad hangover, and pubs don't serve nice red wine or nice white wine.  So I'm better off just drinking soft drinks.

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