Friday, 21 January 2011

10 Things I did this week: 10th-16th January 2011

1. Signed up to and watched Hughs Fish Fight - if you don't want to see tons and tons of good fish thrown back into the sea, you'll sign up and join the fight too.

2. Jamies fish suppers: me & Mr Lisa have agreed to try 1 fish per wk from Jamies list (10 fish in 10 weeks)

3. Weekend walk: drove to Warkworth & had a lovely walk round (couldn't go thru the 'ford' as marked on map - more like a river). First visit too.

4. Finished Matthew's bedroom: new bed, carpet & Carl tidied up paintwork. Put most of toys in there too. If there was an appropriate time to use the word 'cool' it's now :)

5. Tried to hire a Whipbike (& failed) - technical fault.

6. Tried to hire a Whipbike (& succeeded) - rode to Leazes Park, Richardson Rd, Town Moor, Exhibition Park & back. Fun. Mental note to do it weekly (weather permitting).

7. Bought my first knitting needles & ball of wool. Learned to knit: combination of book instructions & suprisingly Mr Lisa (a darkhorse in the knitting dept). Continued during the week - to show that I still remember.

8. Made a pledge to myself to blog weekly (about 10 things from my week)

9. Had a positive workplan meeting with my assistant, helping to formulate some objectives for his upcoming PDR next month.

10. Attended a workshop on 'Managing Time & Priorities' & was reminded that there are more important things in my life than work. Also used some techniques in the workshop to make some changes/improvements as work. 

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