Sunday, 23 January 2011

10 Things I did this week: 17th-23rd January 2011

  1. Started my new 'Acting Skills for Beginners' class at Newcastle College (10wk course)
  2. Went ice skating at Centre for Life (and managed not to fall over).
  3. Had an idea back in December, developed it and finally saw it delivered (& hopefully the first of many) a regular webinar to fellow JISC Advance services across the UK - an update of who's doing what.
  4. Wished my grandma a happy 80th birthday (cheekily I sent her an 18th birthday card instead).
  5. Saved us over £100 on a set of blinds from Hilary's for our dining room.  The original quote was £515, then £450 and finally agreed on £400 (good work Yorkshire Lisa).
  6. Began my photoblog - a photo a day for 2011, stored in Flickr and linked into my blog.
  7. Had one of those 'ahhhh' moments when my lovely friends Laura & Roger confirmed the birth of their first child, a son, born on the same day as my grandma.
  8. Was cheered up by the lady who served me in Pret
  9. Finished reading 'The Giggler Treatment' by Roddy Doyle to Matthew (stepson).
  10. Haven't yet baked a cake in 2011.  This is because we have too many Christmas biscuits that need eating.

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