Monday, 10 January 2011

My year so far...

Ten Days into 2011 and I'm now ready to announce my resolution for 2011.

I've had ten days to think about what I want to change, do, and achieve this year, and to be realistic I think I want to change my behaviour and attitude, and in turn this will help me achieve some of the things I've wanted to do for ages.

Stop thinking and start doing!

Over the years, I've looked at activities and thought I'd love to have a go at that and I've just let things go, without actually doing them.

So this year I want be more proactive in doing some of the things I've liked the sound of.  These include:
  • Paintballing (I've booked to go paintballing in February)
  • Horseriding lesson(s) (No progress so far, I might try this in March)
  • Clay pigeon shooting (I might try this in summer)
I know the steps I need to take to acheive the other 2 'things' on my list, I've looked into Horseriding lessons, they do them near me at - so it's not like I need to go far to have a go and for Clay Pigeon shooting is just up the road too.  So I don't have any excuses!

I also want to go to Durham for the day, yes Durham, the place just down the road from Newcastle.  The last time I went to Durham I was 11 and on a Primary School trip to Durham Cathedral, so my knowledge of Durham is limited, and I think given that I live close - I should actually go there. Once, at least.

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